21 Nov 2017

The Top 10 List of the Best Electric Bicycles

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An electric bicycle?

Surely that’s the epitome of laziness! Actually, not at all.

Some of us live in hilly areas, but still love the freedom of a bike even if it has to be super-powered to cope with the inclines. Some of us aren’t as fit or mobile as we once were and don’t want to be stuck in stuffy cars. While some of us want to beat the traffic to work without arriving in a wet suit.

Electric bicycles are ingenious devices offering assisted pedal power when you need it most and a bit of exercise when you don’t. Some take pedalling right out of it with a throttle, while others offer both throttle and pedal assist so you can decide how energetic you feel.

So for your pedalling (or not pedalling) pleasure, here are 10 excellent e-bikes for you to consider.

VoltBike Enduro

The VoltBike Enduro is basically an electric trail bike with full suspension and powerful motor. The bike’s top speed is adjustable to suit passive and more daredevil riders and it has a good range of LED, backlit LCD and reflectors to ensure you’re visible whatever speed you’re doing. The VoltBike comes complete with a battery pack on the downtube and a full-size USB charging port.

Haibike SDURO HardNine 4.0

Haibikes are, as a rule, top bikes and this is one of the more affordable ones in the range despite having the same motor and battery as higher prices models. It’s lightweight and you can choose from four frame sizes to suit your own frame. And if you go off-road (hopefully intentionally) large tyres give you comfort at speed.

Gazelle Arroyo C8 HMB

For city dwellers who prefer to stick to the bitumen, the Gazelle Arroyo is a highly adjustable city-friendly e-bike with lots of features, long fenders, integrated headlight and three frame sizes.

Electric Townie Go!

As the name suggests, the Electric Townie is not for the cross country thrillseeker; it’s a powerful e-bike for city riders who like a good colour choice and a bit of matching fender and rim bling. With a Bosch Performance Cruise drive, the Electric Townie definitely does go!

Rad Power Bikes RadRover

We could call it the Range Rover of e-bikes, but we won’t. it is, however, a throttle and pedal assist e-bike with high power and excellent balance.

Tern Vektron

If you like an e-bike you can fold up and stick in the boot, the Tern Vektron is a premium option. Strong and quiet with loads of adjustability, it’s a great city option.

Juiced Bikes CrossCurrent S

Here’s an affordable high speed option. The CrossCurrrent offers most of the features of higher priced e-bikes as well as fat tyres and a suspension fork with compression slider and lockout.

VoltBike Elegant

Another highly affordable, feature-packed electric bike with pedal assist and throttle override, the Elegant is a stylish city option.

e-Joe Epik SE

A quirky and comfortable folding e-bike with lots of adjustments, the e-Joe Epik has a swept-back handlebar for extra comfort.

Trek CrossRip+

A nice one to finish, the Trek CrossRip is a light, fast e-bike for the road or gravel trails.

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