31 Jan 2018

What Is Raw Water and Should You Drink It?

Nutrition Advice

Absolutely not; water should always be drank medium or well done.

Yes, a silly and childish opening sentence, but it’s not far from the truth health-wise.

But first things first...

What is raw water?

Well, it’s the latest craze amongst health fanatics and anyone else that can’t resist a good fad. Raw water, as the name suggests, is water in the raw, naked water; water as fresh and unadulterated as water can be.

It has no added fluoride or artificial nasties found in tap water or other bottled waters. It’s quite literally straight from the spring to the bottle to your mouth.

Sound good? Well, hang on.

Where has your raw water been?

Let’s think about that for a minute. That raw water you’re drinking has been kicking about in that spring, stream or river completely unsupervised. It could have been anywhere for all you know. And anything could have been anywhere near it.

A platypus could have peed in it. A dingo could have eaten a five-week dead rat and been sick in it. A grizzled old man with appalling foot odour could have fished in it up to his ankles.


Raw water isn’t as clean as you might think

That’s the problem; you just don’t know. There could be any manner of bugs, bacteria, parasites and viruses in there, and you won’t know until you start behaving like that dingo. Then again, there’s also every chance your raw water will be as pure as pure can be. It’s a lottery; in fact, it’s a bit like Russian roulette with water. If you’re a gambler, good luck to you.

Taps take the runs out of running water

As do bottles that have gone through some form of filtering or purifying process. Yes, tap water usually contains a certain amount of fluoride; good for your teeth, not so good for anything else. But it’s a very minimal amount in the grand scheme of things and in developed countries, tap water is pretty safe to drink.

It’s certainly a safer bet than raw water. Same bottled water. It may have had some of the better minerals filtered out of it, but what would you rather have in your water – healthy minerals or Hepatitis A? 

Let’s face it; raw water is really just dirty water

There, we’ve said it. Where is your raw water even coming from? There might be a pretty picture of untouched mountains on the label, but how many factories and sewerage outlets are missing from the artwork?

The bottom line is this: raw water can give you anything from diarrhoea and dysentery to norovirus and, yes, hepatitis. That’s a big fat yuck.

Raw water is a fad and a potentially dangerous one at that. The best advice is to avoid it. With all manner of experts denouncing it as nothing but a trendy can of worms (almost literally), it won’t be around for long anyway.

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