28 Feb 2017

Skinny Teas & Detox Teas: Do They Work?

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Detox teas are big business in the world of health. But do they work?

Here’s what you need to know before you begin your teatox.

You’ll lose weight, not fat

Firstly, it’s important to note that detox teas are not fat burners and will largely act as a laxative, making you drop water weight. If you’re not using them in conjunction with a clean and corrective eating plan and regular exercise routine, your results will be short lived at best.

Ingredients often have side effects

Detox teas can often contain additional ingredients such as ginger, lemongrass and dandelion – all of which are great for supporting a healthy liver.  Many detox teas also contain caffeine to help as an appetite suppressant, triggering the digestive system to go into overdrive and also assisting with providing a little added energy into your workout routine. Counteractively, too much caffeine may cause

There is also one common ingredient in detox teas that you need to ensure you’re not ingesting too frequently – senna. Drink too much of this herbal laxative over a longer period of time and you may suffer from vomiting, diarrhoea, electrolyte imbalances and dehydration.

There’s no solid evidence that detox teas work

It’s important to keep in mind that the notion of a detox in itself is hotly debated in the world of health. While some people swear by a detox to remove all toxins from the body, others believe it is just another means of marketing a product that’s too good to be true.

Scientifically speaking, our body does a pretty good job of removing toxins on its own merits; however this can always be improved by sticking to clean wholefoods, drinking enough water and steering clear of any unhealthy substances, chemicals and processed foods as much as possible.  

You still need to diet and exercise properly

Registered Dietician and Author Manuel Villacorta states that you can’t rely upon one singular food or product to reach optimal health.

“No one food, herb, or remedy has the ability to cure ailments or disease, nor does it have the ability to ‘detox’ the body.” 

Instead of relying upon detox teas for a fast (and short lived) solution, consult with a health professional, who will be able to provide you with a nutrition plan, tailored to your requirements. 

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