09 Jul 2016

Henry Cavill’s Superman Training Plan

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He’s the Man of Steel, so it stands to reason that Superman would need the physique to match.

Star of the recently premiered Batman vs Superman, Henry Cavill put in the hard yards when it came to sculpting and shaping the famous superhero figure. But how did he do it?

Check out the secrets behind the Superman training regimen and read up on the trainer who made it happen.

Mark Twight and Gym Jones

Over a period of six months, Cavill worked with world-renowned mountain climber and trainer, Mark Twight who began transforming the mind and body of the Superman star.  Famous for training the Spartan fighters in the movie 300, Twight demands total physical and psychological commitment from clients in exchange for extreme results.

With the overarching principle that mentality is key, Mark Twight founded Gym Jones in 2000, preaching to his prospective clients that if they want to take the leap and change their bodies, they must first train the “muscle in the skull”.

You won’t find televisions, machines, chairs or mirrors in Gym Jones – this private training facility embraces the “art of suffering”, whereby individuals are pushed harder and risk more to achieve their goals – no excuses accepted. To maintain this art, Gym Jones chooses clients they believe has the ability to adapt to their philosophy.

Exercise plan

An intense workout program comprised of preparation, bulking, leaning out and maintenance was designed and implemented, with specific instructions for Cavill to get 9 to 10 hours of sleep every night for the next five months – no exceptions.

Training both on his own and with Twight, Cavill was working out for two and a half hours each day focusing on increasing his muscle mass. The end result? An increase in 20 pounds of muscle.  As Twight himself stated:

“If you don’t get the sleep, if you can’t recover, then we can’t continue with this training and we won’t achieve the objective. The predatory effect that a lack of sleep has on the rest of the work you do is shockingly powerful. The HGH and testosterone secretion that happens during these deep-sleep cycles is super-important.”

Henry Cavill’s Superman workout was broken down into two separate workouts in one training session – in other words, focusing on two different body parts each session.

Squats, Olympic lifts, functional training and metabolic body movements were all part and parcel of Cavill’s weekly routine, with reps of 100 being regularly implemented.

In addition to a variety of weightlifting exercises, Cavill undertook a series of cardio workouts, martial art training and boxing sessions to prepare and sculpt his physique.

Diet plan

With gruelling 2.5 hour workouts 5 days a week, Henry Cavill’s body required a massive 5000-6000 calorie intake a day, largely comprised of extra protein-rich meal replacement drinks. To keep hunger levels steady, Cavill would consume protein first, followed by a small amount of carbs.

As the filming start date approached, Cavill’s carbs were limited, his calorie count was halved and his training regime was cut to two or three times a week.

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