24 Jul 2016

Get Inspired with These Famous Gyms around the Globe

Yes, these world-class gyms make us jealous too.

But what makes them so great and what can we take-away from them to improve our own home gyms and work-outs?

Keeping it simple is the Beach Sit Hut Gym in Dumaguete in the Philippines – low-tech and only offering the basics, this is a world-class gym entirely based on the view. Located beachside – just 15 metres away – you can pump some iron, work-out with kettle-bells and utilise the chin-up bars. Replicate this at home simply by setting up your gym in a positive and encouraging space and motivate yourself with incredible and motivating imagery.

We can’t put together a list of the best gyms in the world and not include California’s Gold’s Gym. Based in Venice, Gold’s Gym is where Arnie lifted so is considered the bodybuilding and weightlifting mecca. The motivation here is knowing that the Terminator got himself big here so find what gets you motivated to work-out and run with it!

Top of the line as a work-class gym is the UK’s 2012 Olympic Athlete Training Centre located in London. We love it – not only because the world’s best have trained here but because it included a ‘beats room’ to chill in as well as a gaming space proving that even the greatest bodies need time-out.

Love to travel and exercise – then you will definitely agree Peru offers a world-class gym! Combining riding a bike whilst aboard a boat cruising along the Amazon River this is the only way to see the world. So for those of you that have holidays coming up over the festive season remember holidays and exercise do work – just a simple jog along the beach can easily be factored into your travel plans.

Milan in Italy is home to one of the most amazing spa/pool spaces – undoubtedly a world-class gym for its fully equipped work-out area but it is its incredible and elaborate huge bubbles of chromium-plated plastic sporadically placed around the entry and then multiplied over the swimming pool that makes it a hot-spot. Whilst we don’t have anything quite as architecturally grand as The Atomic Spa, we do have the world’s best beaches so take a swim this summer and enjoy what we are so blessed to have surrounding our beautiful country!

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