19 Dec 2018

Career Path for a Personal Trainer

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The fitness industry is growing by leaps and bounds, especially in Australia. This growth has greatly contributed to the rising numbers of Personal Trainers.

Where Can This Career Path Take You?

Let’s be honest; when you start out in personal training, you won’t be getting Chris Hemsworth ready for his next Thor movie from day one. But such is the vast possibilities of personal training that, yes, such elite and highly rewarding clients are within your reach if you’re extremely good.

Meantime, you need to do your groundwork, quite literally.

Build Your Reputation

Early clients can comprise of people who are new to fitness as well as those who are more knowledgeable and you need to be fine with that. After all, no one knows if you’re any good yet.

If you start building a reputation for creating diet and exercise programs that shed weight in impressive ways, you’re already climbing the ladder.

Gaining Ground Through Groups

Be they gym-based sessions or onsite with company employees, group sessions will do two things; they’ll expose your skills to a bunch of people at once and, just as importantly, up to your hourly income.

Start Specialising

All these directions are fairly general and you’ll probably mix in plenty of dietary advice with your fitness programs. But as your knowledge, expertise and reputation grow, you may choose to specialise.

You might set yourself up as an exercise physiologist, sports nutritionist or corrective exercise specialist. How about becoming a Gym Instructor? Or you may decide that Group Exercise Instruction is your calling and focus entirely on that.

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