30 Aug 2018

What is Moon Milk?

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If you’ve never heard of moon milk, you’re not alone; most astronauts probably haven’t the foggiest notion what moon milk is either; even those who have actually been to the moon.

So let’s clear that up first: moon milk doesn’t actually come from the moon; it’s not a by-product of moon cows.

Moon milk comes from Planet Earth and, mostly, from Earth cows. Sorry to ruin any burgeoning fantasy. Essentially, moon milk is cow’s milk with the word ‘cow’ taken out and replaced with the word ‘moon’.

Make sense? Probably not and there is more to it than that – a rather specific blend of spices and honey. And, as with everything these days, it’s flavour of the month and the latest ‘food’ trending with people bored with ‘unicorn food,’ ‘cloud eggs,’ and ‘coffee in cones’.

At least this trend claims to do something reasonably important.

Moon milk might be a miracle cure for insomnia

It’s probably not, but it might be. Moon milk recipes contain something called adaptogens and, believe it or not, adaptogens are a thing. They can help your body unwind and lower stress levels. Therefore they can get you in a more relaxed, pre-bedtime state post horror movie or horror day.

Moon milk is instagrammable

These days taking photos of a drink seems to be more important than actually drinking it. But there’s no doubt moon milk can be doctored to look quite nice if taking photos of drinks is your thing. Be it a purple crescent on a creamy oval or an entirely blue moon, moon milk concoctions offer barista-like options for photo presentation.

So snap away to your heart’s content if you can avoid the temptation to lay awake at night checking Instagram comments.

Moon milk has roots in Ayurveda

Ayurveda is an Indian medical system pre-dating online fads by what can only be described as a very long time. And moon milk was used all those years ago for sleep deprivation.

It is unknown if moon milk was called moon milk way back then. Common sense suggests it probably wasn’t until western men with impossibly tailored beards got involved.

Such men are noted for their ability to turn any old drink into a viral sensation with an intriguing name and some added colour and texture. And moon milk is one of the latest to get the hipster treatment.

Does it help you sleep better? It might; moon milk’s soothing effects will work on some, but not on others. And that’s about as conclusive as we can be.

If you don’t have any issues with lactose and could use a little help drifting off, there’s no harm in giving it a go.

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