08 Sep 2016

Build Lean Muscle with these Foods

If you’re on a mission to build lean muscle, you need to do more than pump out your reps at the gym. What you eat is essential to letting your newly formed muscles show their shape.

So, what do you need to be consuming to build your muscle without adding to your waistline?


Just one egg can supply over 12 per cent of your daily recommended protein intake – which means that eggs are a nutritional powerhouse for those aspiring to build lean muscle. As a complete protein, eggs contain a number of essential amino acids that contribute to the repair and regeneration of muscle.


Unfortunately, part of the muscle building process involves delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). Soften the blow with a handful of berries, which have been proven to significantly reduce oxidative stress and inflammation.


By having excess liquid and carbohydrates strained from it prior to packaging, Greek yoghurt contains twice the protein of regular yoghurt, which is perfect for adding to your muscle-building diet. Make sure to check the ingredients list twice to veer from added sugars.


Salmon’s unique combination of the right fats, B vitamins and protein makes it ideal for chowing down post-workout to aid in muscle formation, repair and recovery. As a bonus, this fishy feast can also increase your lean muscle and burn fat – just by eating it.


A rich source of protein, white turkey is low in fat and low GI, keeping your hunger levels steady. Regular consumption of turkey can also help to lower cholesterol levels and strengthens your immune system.


Rich in calcium and iron, spinach contains the goods needed for healthy muscle and bone development.  Since muscles demand oxygen, particularly while undertaking strength training, the iron found in spinach can help facilitate this process.

As an alkaline food, spinach can also help speed up the muscle recovery process and diminish the chance of lactic acid build-up.

Red Meat

Since there are around nine amino acids that humans cannot produce, we must incorporate them into our diet – and we can find them in red meat. Consuming animal proteins leads to an increase in both muscle mass and bone density, meaning it’s great for building lean muscle and strong bones.

Alongside a wealth of nutrients that can’t be found in plants, raw ground beef contains large amounts of B12, B3, iron, zinc and selenium.


A handful of nuts provide the perfect mix of protein, fats, fibre, potassium and zinc, perfect for those who are struggling to gain weight and build muscle while keeping you fuller for longer.

If you can, opt for almonds, cashews or pistachios, and avoid nuts that have been packaged or roasted in oil.  Peanut butter also works, as long as you buy a variety with no added salts or sugar.

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