17 Aug 2016

Your Guide to Gym Etiquette

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Whether your client is new to the fitness world or a seasoned veteran, being courteous at the gym makes the experience better for everyone.

There are some basic rules of etiquette to observe to make every workout a pleasant one. 

Here are some tips to pass on to your clients:

Gym cleanse

When you exercise, you sweat – that’s the point. But you don’t need to leave the remnants of your workout for the next person. Make sure you either cover the machine while you’re using it or wipe it down when you’ve finished. If your gym provides anti-bacterial spray or wipes, it’s always nice to use these too.

Snap the chat

You’ve downloaded Justin Bieber’s new track to motivate your workout (it’s ok, we won’t tell anyone). Half way through your reps, that familiar ‘ding’ interrupts the Biebs belting out the chorus to let you know a mate has sent you a text. Now is not the time to sit on the bench and start an SMS conversation – other people might be waiting to use the equipment. Let both you and Justin finish, then text your mate back.

Also, the gym floor is not the place to answer a phone call. With the loud music, slamming weights and the H.I.I.T. instructor yelling commands, you’ll never be able to hear each other. Take it outside.

Put it away

Basic kitchen rules apply to the gym as well – if you use it, put it away. Weights and dumbbells are the top pieces of equipment likely to be left out after use. So remember to re-rack. Some gyms even issue fines to users who repeatedly fail to put equipment away. When using weight machines, be sure to return pins and inclines to their default positions.

Stick to the schedule

Classes have a schedule for a reason. Instructors plan classes to incorporate warm ups, warm downs and an optimum amount of activity in between. Arriving late is not only rude to the rest of the class, you miss the warm up which could cause you injury.

If you do arrive late to a class, be sure not to disrupt the instructor or other participants. If the class has moved beyond the warm-up, head for the cardio machines.

Hygiene 101

A shower and deodorant never go astray, especially when you’re going to be sweating it out for an hour or so. Make sure to clean out your gym bag regularly. Bacteria and fungi love dark, moist areas like sweaty bags. If you’re feeling sick – stay away from the gym. The last thing you want to do is spread your illness throughout the club. Opt for walk outside or try a home workout instead.

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