07 Oct 2022

7 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Starting A Personal Training Business

So if you’re planning to start your very own personal training business, here are a few questions to ponder before you do.

1. Am I Fit Enough?

When meeting prospective clients, first impressions matter and for personal trainers a lot of this can be down to physical appearance. Clients what to know you practice what you preach and see the results your work can have before they start to work with you.

2. Am I Qualified?

A fairly important one. And yes, you do have to go back to school to become a certified personal trainer. Before you can even consider packing your car and bringing your fitness tips to the masses, you need to learn the ropes, the bars and the mats. You need an intimate knowledge of sports psychology, nutrition, personal training techniques and fitness testing. You need to hone your communication, motivation and leadership skills.

3. Do I Need an ABN?

Yes, you do. You can get one online at www.business.gov.au. it’s quick and easy to do, and you could get in serious trouble if you don’t have one.

4. Do I Need a Business Name?

A catchy business name is memorable and increases your chances of referral. So, give your business name serious thought. What’s easy to remember and, just as importantly, easy to spell? Remember, once you start building an online presence and website, your business name needs to be part of a memorable and type-friendly URL, so keep it short and snappy.

5.  Do I Need Insurance?

Yes, you need professional indemnity insurance to protect you and public liability insurance to protect your clients; intensely boring, but essential if you want to ensure you and the establishments you work at are protected.

6. How Is My Online Presence?

To succeed as a personal trainer, you must have a strong and professional online presence, such as an easy-to-use website, professional business directories, and regularly updated social media.

You can advertise your personal training business to a highly targeted audience on social media sites such as Facebook. Offline, you can also try advertising in local papers and distributing flyers in sports-related shops.

7. Do You Have The Right Equipment?

As a start-up personal trainer, you can’t always rely on gyms to provide your equipment as more and more clients prefer out-of-gym sessions such as in parks in or even in their own homes. Unfortunately, this means you need to make sure you’ve got all the equipment you need, from exercise mats to weights.

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