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ACT Skilled Capital.

Students in the ACT may be eligible to apply for the ACT Skilled Capital Program. This program is funded by the ACT and Australian Governments to provide subsidised training in various qualifications to improve access to high-quality training and maximise employment opportunities for students.

ACT Skilled Capital.

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The Australian Institute of Personal Trainers (AIPT) is an approved provider of the ACT Government Subsidised qualifications through the Skilled Capital Program. Skilled Capital is an ACT Government training initiative, funded by the ACT and Australian Governments. 

Skilled Capital offers a comprehensive range of services to provide Canberrans with the support they need to complete the training that is right for them. Skilled Capital will improve access to high-quality training in areas of skills needs and maximise improved employment opportunities for students. 

Skilled Capital provides subsidised training in a selection of qualifications from the ACT Skills Needs List, as well as a selection of Certificate II pathway qualifications that may lead to further training at a higher level. This means that through Skilled Capital students will undertake training in an area that has been identified as a skills need in the ACT. This will improve students’ employment opportunities and/or lead to further training options once the students have completed their qualifications. 

AIPT is approved by the ACT Government to provide training for Skilled Capital qualifications. Please see further information on the Skilled Capital website

Qualifications offered by AIPT through Skilled Capital 

AIPT has been approved to deliver limited places of SIS30321 Certificate III Fitness through the Skilled Capital program.

AIPT cannot guarantee you will be able to access Skilled Capital subsidised training for your chosen qualification. Qualifications offered under Skilled Capital are allocated a limited number of subsidised training places with each Skilled Capital release.

Where places are not available, please contact AIPT to discuss fee-for-service options or if you are seeking a different training pathway refer to the Australian Apprenticeships page. 

Tuition Fees 

The Tuition Fee represents the contribution towards the cost of training charged by AIPT to the student or employer. Tuition Fees are collected as one upfront payment. 

AIPT includes all tuition fees on the ACT Qualifications Register for each qualification and delivery mode we offer through the Skilled Capital Program. This information is entered by AIPT into the RTO portal. The tuition fee represents the cost of the whole qualification, and AIPT does not charge any additional tuition fees for Skilled Capital students. 

AIPT must charge a tuition fee except where the student is exempt or eligible for a concession, and AIPT is approved to waive the remaining tuition fee. 

Fee Concessions  

AIPT may offer a fee concession to eligible students in certain circumstances where eligibility can be evidenced. A student is eligible for a fee concession if, at the commencement of training they:  

  • hold a current Health Care Card or Pension Card, or  

  • can prove genuine hardship.   

Note where the student is under 18 years of age this rule will apply if the parent/ guardian holds one of the above cards.  

AIPT will review and assess student eligibility for a fee concession prior to enrolment. If you would like to apply for a fee concession, please advise your Careers Advisor prior to your enrolment. You will be required to produce evidence of your eligibility for a fee concession upon request from AIPT.  


Skilled Capital Eligibility: ​ 

To be eligible for Skilled Capital, you must, at the time of enrolment, be: 

  • an Australian citizen, permanent resident, or New Zealand passport holder resident for more than 6 months, or 

  • an eligible visa holder, and 

  • living or working in the ACT, and 

  • at least 15 years of age, and 

  • not enrolled in or attending secondary school or college except where the student: 

  • is undertaking a course of study leading to completion of year 12 in an alternative program, or 

  • has an Exemption Certificate and the selected Skilled Capital qualification is an approved Australian School-based Apprenticeship pathway. 

In addition to the above, to be eligible for a Certificate II level Skilled Capital qualification, your training provider must have evidence to demonstrate that a Certificate II qualification is a justifiable learning pathway for you. 

Previous education and training will not impact your eligibility for Certificate III qualifications and above. However, you cannot be funded for a qualification you have completed within the last 7 years (except where the replacement Training Product has combined two or more superseded Training Products). In addition, you can only be subsidised for 1 Skilled Capital qualification at a time. 

AIPT will assess your eligibility prior to your enrolment. You will be required to produce any evidence to support your eligibility upon request by AIPT. Any evidence to support eligibility will be kept in line with our Privacy Policy for audit purposes. 

If you are not eligible for Skilled Capital or are seeking a different training pathway, refer to the Australian Apprenticeships page. 

Completion Payment for ACT Skilled Capital 

Students who successfully complete their qualification may be eligible for a Completion Payment made by the ACT directorate. A Completion Payment will be paid directly to the student upon completion of the qualification and a survey. The completion payment is: 

  • $300 for each qualification 

  • $100 for each Skill Set 

Students will be eligible to receive the Completion Payment for up to one (1) year after the date deemed competent, provided up-to-date email and bank account details are confirmed. The student must lodge their bank details via the AVETARS student portal. 

It is noted that a student is not eligible for a Completion Payment where there are more than 50% of units achieved through Recognition of Prior Learning. Students enrolled in a fee-free Skilled Capital training arrangement are ineligible for the Completion Payment. 

A student may be eligible for a Completion Payment if more than 50% of the units are achieved via a credit transfer where achievement is the result of a change qualification variation. 

Completion Payment eligibility criteria apply to students who complete a Training Product on or after 1 January 2019. 

Not Eligible for Funding?

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