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Student Support.

The Australian Institute of Personal Trainers equips you with real skills and nationally recognised qualifications to make our students' career ambitions a reality.

Our Student Support Services.

We are with our students every step of the way of your study journey, from enrolment to working through your course material and preparing you for graduation.

We recognise that everyday life can present a number of distractions and studying online can sometimes mean falling behind. That’s why we’ve made it as easy as possible for you to keep yourself on track and focused on the end goal, with access to a range of support and assistance throughout your entire education journey, including:

Types of Student Support.

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Student Support Officers

Our Student Support Officers will keep our students motivated and encouraged throughout their studies. They will provide activity monitoring, giving students friendly reminders to ensure they stay on track with assignment submission. In addition, they will give ongoing support to students, including an induction at the time of enrolment, to ensure students are familiarised with their new e-learning platform and have all the information, tools and resources needed to start their studies. Our support team will make sure students are submitting assessments regularly enough to graduate on time, and most importantly, they'll make sure they are making progress towards starting their new careers.

Student Support - Advisor

Specialists and Technical Advisors

Best described as the 'teachers,' our Specialists and Technical Advisors are on-hand to answer any questions students may have around course content or assessment criteria. They provide coaching sessions, including online tutorials and guidance with practical tasks. Students can request additional coaching sessions from a Specialist or Technical Advisor to assist in understanding a key concept or topic. These coaching sessions can be scheduled for 30 minutes at a time.

Student Support - Assessor


Our Assessors review each of our students' assignments and provide feedback, helping them understand what they did well and what areas may have room for improvement.

Student Support - Mentor

Campus Mentors

Guiding students throughout the practical elements of their fitness qualification, our Campus Mentors are qualified Personal Trainers who assist students in the specifics of training, technique and providing a professional personal training service.


The orientation phase will help familiarise students with your new e-learning platform and ensure you have all the information, tools and resources needed to start your study.


Throughout the study phase, students will have access to the following:

Activity Monitoring
Friendly reminders to ensure you stay on track with assignment submission.

Individualised Coaching Sessions
Students can request additional coaching sessions from a Specialist or Technical Advisor to assist in understanding a key concept or topic.  These coaching sessions can be scheduled for 30 minutes at a time. 

Career Preparation

Following successful completion of your course requirements, our students will have access to a range of career preparation tools, including:

  • CV writing tools and templates

  • Job interview techniques, including commonly asked questions and how to answer them

  • How to write a job application; and

  • How to prepare for an interview, including what to wear and what to bring with you to the interview.

We frequently share careers blogs to assist our graduates in successfully starting their new career paths.

By providing advice not only when it comes to becoming personal trainers, but also how to set their future businesses up for success by planning in advance. From guiding them to land their first jobs as PTs to becoming financially secure with their businesses. 

Our courses are designed to fit your lifestyle.

Whether you want to become one of the industry's top Personal Trainers, provide clients with specialised nutrition advice or open your own business, we have the right course to suit your needs.

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They have an excellent range of courses on offer, as well as superb customer service that made me feel welcomed and supported throughout my studies.

I spoke with Tamara, who was wonderful. She gave me all the information about the course and kept in touch right throughout the enrolment process.

Studying my theory online and at my pace allowed me to continue working full-time. The face-to-face component was amazing, working with an experienced instructor.

AIPT supported me from the moment I joined. Even through COVID times, they carried on and were always there for me if I needed anything.

Studying with AIPT allowed me to study while working 5 days a week and at university. It allowed flexibility while ensuring I received the best education possible .